Watching a lot of TV gives you the opportunity to see and compare different ways to open a show and introduce its cast and creators. Hence this subjective list of opening titles I never skip.

I am a TV freak, I admit it. I have seen so many TV shows already that my memory is playing tricks on me by not letting me remember what character was in which show (yes, unfortunately that happens to me often with supporting characters). But fortunately I remember very well the opening credits of shows I watch(ed).

If you watch a show for more than couple of episodes you’ll get used to fast-forwarding the opening titles – they can be long and boring and anyway you just want to get down to business. I do that often. But there are some shows that have gone the extra mile to create iconic opening sequence and I applaud them for that by never skipping it.

Here are some of my personal favorites (in no particular order):

1. Vikings

THIS. SONG. BLOWS. MY. MIND. Seriously, Fever Ray is awesome, but this particular song has such a strong effect on me, that I was instantly drawn to it when I first heard it. Not to mention the way it really fits the image. Vikings is a very specific show, with a lot of mysteriousness and darkness to it which is beautifully expressed by the opening titles.

2. Game of Thrones

This is probably everyone’s favorite. I personally love to watch the precision of graphics and how all those castles come to life with so much detail and beauty. There’s an epic “feeling” to it that you just can’t ignore and even though the sequence is really long, it is always fun to watch, because you can always spot things you haven’t paid attention before.

3. Rome

There’s something about HBO shows. They just seem to always (or almost always) make it right. I have always found Rome’s opening credits fascinating and I love the animation-on-the-wall idea, it’s really cool. Also, since everything happens very fast I tend to watch it just for the sake of figuring out what exactly is happening there.

4. Xena: The Warrior Princess

I did mention this list was subjective, right? Well, here is proof, cause obviously this sequence is not high art. It’s actually quite kitsch, but I consider myself a fan of the show until the end of times and I never, not once, skipped the intro. I know the off-voice narration by heart and I absolutely LOVE the music. They also changed the scenes in the credits each season, which made it easier on the eyes I guess :)

5. True Blood

HBO again. I absolutely adore this song and the Louisiana feel. The intro itself is very disturbing, especially all those exorcism scenes and decaying corpses, but this is exactly what True Blood is at its core and we love it for that.

6. Bron | Broen

Tha Danish crime series has won me over by its very first episode back in 2011. The intro, along with the music, has a very minimalistic value to it, but is hypnotizing at the same time. After all, there’s really nothing in it, a couple of shots of the bridge, the city, cars in traffic. And yet I am never able to turn away from it. Pure magic, really.

7. Six Feet Under

This one is a classic no one can deny. Who would’ve thought a show about undertakers can be so thrilling and a few makro shots of corpses and lab tools can make you almost grab the screen and never let go of it? And yet it does. There’s real beauty here, an iconic and revolutionizing one.


BONUS: opening credits I ALWAYS skip

American Horror Story — all seasons. It’s not that I skipped them, because they are not worth watching. I skip them because I’m ridiculously afraid of them and what they do to my mind and imagination. I guess it’s a good quality and they are generally way scarier than most of the seasons anyway, but I think I only watched those intros once each and I’m not planning to do it ever again. I didn’t even play that video I embedded here, so…


So this is my list of non-skippable opening credits. Do you agree? Do you have your own personal favorites you would never fast-forward? Give a shout out in the comments section if you like!