I have to admit I was rather late with bringing myself to the 21st century device-wise. Until last summer I was still using my indestructible Nokia C3, so I think this says everything.

But in January 2015 I have decided to make myself a gift and bough a Kindle Paperwhite II — ebook reader. Now, I am a trained editor and graphic designer and I have a strong fetish when it comes to books and paper. I love to smell fresh print and touch the pages over and over again (it’s not dangerous, don’t worry). Taking all this in consideration it was a bit strange for me to want an ebook reader, a device that doesn’t provide any of those things. Basically all you get is the text on a screen. And it’s all black and white. No smell, no touch, just the text.

For a long time I thought I am going to abandon it after the initial fascination of a new toy. Boy, how wrong I was!

I have paid attention to get a Kindle that would allow me to read also in darkness, so with a light. Good thing about it is that the screen itself doesn’t shine, so it’s not as destructive to your eyes as a computer screen. And of course I can read in whatever circumstances.

It also provided much more possibilities when it comes to the books, with every title I might possibly want just one-click away. It is a huge plus especially if the books you want to read have not been translated in your native (not English) language. Many of them might never get that chance anyway. Of course it is possible to buy books in English in every country, every bigger city, but it can be very complicated, not to mention expensive. Thanks to the online ebook stores you don’t have to worry about it and just start reading whatever you want the day you want it.

And so since I have acquired my Kindle, I have been able to actually increase the number of titles I’ve read yearly. Before I was usually getting to 10-20 titles a year, which is really little. It was mostly because I wasn’t able to read what I really wanted. But last year, from January to December, I read 30 titles (you can see my 2015 Reading Challenge on Goodreads HERE). It’s still not much, but a significant improvement nonetheless.

And since the beginning of this year (so, within the past 5 weeks), I have already read 8 books on my Kindle, with the goal set on 50 this year.

What I’m getting at here is that, although I am still a book fetishist, I do enjoy reading ebooks a lot and it does not make me any less of a reader. Quite the opposite actually. Then, there is also the whole world of wonderful tools that opens in front of you once you get an e-reader. For example, I’ve been using Goodreads since 2010, but only after I got a Kindle, I’ve started having real fun with it (Kindles have a built-in app for Goodreads, that you can use once you connect to WiFi).

And it might sound stupid when I say it, but every time I reach for my Kindle, I am genuinely excited about spending time with it (and with the book obviously!). I’m happy I gave it a chance, being a real book enthusiast and all.