So, as I wrote at the end of my last post, I had something going on, a plan, that I didn’t want to jinx before it would actually become true. Well, it has become true now, so I can write all about it.

I’m moving to Italy to do European Voluntary Service (EVS) there. I’m going to live in Bologna for 10 months and work at Associazione Culturale Oltre… I received the exciting news about the project being accepted at the end of July, but I waited until everything was fully confirmed and now I’m just one step away from it. And this step is going there. The organisation has already found me a room to live, which is located quite near to the city center and almost next to the place I will work in. Now the difficult task is to pack, since I’m going to live there for 10 months and it’s not so easy as Finland, where I basically took only winter clothes with me. Also, I’m planning to take one of my drums with me, cause there’s a djembe group exactly at the place where I’ll work, so I just couldn’t miss out on that kind of occasion.

Anyway, you can find more about all my adventures on the packing, trip and my stay in Bologna itself on my new blog devoted only to it: Un sentiero alberato. Check it out and don’t be afraid to comment and share your thoughts!