It’s commonly known among my friends that I’m a sucker for social media. I may not have accounts on every site there is in that matter, but I own the most popular ones and some interests socials like or I also have a Twitter account and though it’s far less popular in Poland than Facebook, I wouldn’t close it under any circumstances.

The best thing about Twitter for me is, that you can really interact with the so-called celebrities, or just public figures. It’s not like with Facebook fan pages, which are mostly led by someone hired to do that (believe me, I know). Twitter is more intimate in a way. And it’s a shame that not so many famous people use it.

For example, it was really fun to follow the members of the U.S. Women’s Football National Team during the Olympic Games in London this month. Those women really stepped it up. I’ve been following Hope Solo earlier, but during the Olympics I also followed Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach. And what’s so cool about that is that you get an inside scoop from the events they attend (in this case of course Olympics). They upload pictures, videos, they comment on current matters and it’s truly great, because you can get to know them, to know how they are, what they do in everyday life and see for yourself if you can really like them outside the thing they do for living.

It also applies for the people of music. Well, in that case Twitter seems to be a very powerful tool of promotion, but on the other hand: it’s the first source of information about what your favourite musician is up to. As a social media, Twitter is not demanding at all — you can only write 140 characters a message, right?

I also enjoy following particular hash tags and there are plenty of them. E.g. you can interact with other people who watch specific tv show (for me it’s mostly #gayzolli — for Rizzoli & Isles episodes and #BooRadleyVanCullen— Pretty Little Liars). Each hash tag is being made up prior to the event that it relates to. During the Olympics everyone Tweeted with #olympics and #london2012 hash tags. Because of the popularity of Adele and the fact that she was making a come back during this years Grammys a hash tag that was very popular for it was #RollinInTheTweet (hilarious!). AfterEllen’s hash tag for Oscars was #IronNobb (because of the Glenn Close movie obviously).

Oh, and while were with the Oscars… Angelina Jolie made an appearance of course, but the thing that was more commented than her dress was… her right leg. It became so famous, that it even got it’s own Twitter account =D.

At the end I’d just like to come back to the sports one more time. It’s interesting that a lot of tennis players, cyclists and football players are on Twitter. This does not apply to volleyball players though. Well, many American players have accounts, but when it comes to other nations it’s not that popular.

I don’t even have to mention that in Poland people have not yet appreciated the power of Twitter. Some of our politicians as well as musicians can be followed. As opposed to that, actors or athletes are very poorly represented. And that’s a great shame in my humble opinion.

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