Generally, I don’t watch men’s volleyball. I find it quite boring because it’s a kind of game, when you depend mostly on the strenght of the players. Women’s volleyball is more tactical, if I can say so.

But I was going to write about something else and that is the behavior of Bulgarian public during Polish matches at the World League 2012 in Sofia (Bulgaria). I understand, that they support their national team and don’t want anyone else to win, but hissing? Really?

I know a lot of people of different nations and I know how volleyball supporters behave, but the way that they do it is just outrageous.

In Poland people use drums, trumpets or make the usual “boo” sound with their mouths to discourage the opponent. They never hiss (I’m talking about volleyball matches only). If they ever do that it’s directed to the referee rather than to players of any team. And even then, it’s really rare situation.

But look at the World League finals in Sofia: the public would hiss even during the awarding ceremony. But! They weren’t doing that when Cuba or USA were being awarded. No. They only did that during Poland’s moment of glory.

Polish player even told the media, that after the semi-final game against Bulgaria (won by Poland of course) they had a very unpleasant incident: some people, obviously stupid ones, threw empty plastic bottles at them. WTF?!

I’m really happy, that — against all the odds — Polish players won the tournament. But I think that FIVB should reconsider organizing any events in countries where even volleyball fans (who are usually considered rather peaceful) are so rude.