I’m just gonna point something out. Maybe I’m exaggerating or even completely wrong (which is possible, because I noticed the thing only in one game — mostly because I didn’t pay attention to this during previous ones), but I strongly believe there’s more to that than you can think.

When I was watching today’s China vs. Turkey game I noticed, that there were very few replays throughout the match. And, what’s more interesting, most of them featured China’s winning points. I got curious and then noticed that every time there were “controversial” moments like whether the point should be China’s or Turkey’s, the replay wasn’t showed. It’s like the Chinese were afraid that it could prove them wrong. And if you watched the game, you probably know that there were many such moments (let’s be honest: the referee seemed to favor the hosts).

Now, I know that in the heat of the game, when everyone wants to win and all, you just try to “convince” everybody that the particular point should be yours. But that’s for the referee to decide and we all make mistakes. But when the whole world is watching and has to trust their decision, it is producer’s duty to show the replay. We live in the 21st century, we have advanced technology and it’s really not a problem to show footage from another angle.

But we all know, that the problem lies elsewhere. When the tournament is hosted by a country like China you can expect that few things will be done in a different way. I don’t want to write about politics, regime and liberties (or the lack of them). I’d just like to say, that I can somehow understand, that when you’re a citizen of China you have to watch yourself and do nothing that could expose your homeland’s weaknesses. And that, sadly, applies for replays which would show, that Chinese team is wrong and their opponents are right.

That said, I’m really happy Turkish women rose to the occasion and won the game despite all the adversities. Tomorrow they’ll play against Brazil. That game will decide who gets silver and who gets bronze. ‘Cause we all know USA will once again take first place in the World Grand Prix.