I had to take a short break from blogging because of my final exams, but since I passed the last one today, I can go back to writing, watching sports and lots of other stuff :>.

I pretty much missed last weekend of World Grand Prix games as well as yesterday’s and today’s matches, but right now I’m setting myself up to speed. I couldn’t help but notice, that there is only one “European” team in the WGP finals. I used quotation marks not without a reason. To be honest, I don’t consider Turkey an European country. Most of their lands is in Asia, but still they are trying to join the European Union. And you definitely can’t say that Turkey plays volleyball the European way. It’s hard to specify what exactly is the European way, but to me the Turkish way is rather something between China and Brazil. And the Turks are much more effective and consistent in their play than any European team.

Apart from Turkey we have Brazil, Thailand, USA, Cuba and finals’ hosts: China. I’m not surprised that till now, Turkey is leading the standings. Their tomorrow’s game against the States will probably be crucial. The same applies for the game against China.

For me the top three of the finals is: USA, Brazil and Turkey. Still, it hurts me that none of the European teams made it to the finals. Serbia was a huge disappointment, Italy was pretty close and there are also Poles… Didn’t qualify for the Olympics, lost too many games in WGP… But then, it makes me feel really sad, that Serbia had so many problems and struggle throughout the whole tournament. I really like the team and even without some of their best players they still have huge potential. I hope that they will recover and we will have the pleasure of watching them play their best at the Olympics.