It was like yesterday, when the tournament in Atlas Arena, Lodz, Poland ended and tomorrow the second round of this year’s World Grand Prix starts. The groups and venues are different. Another teams play at home (like Brazil or Serbia).

Polish team will be playing a very difficult tournament against three Asian teams. Yes, we do have problems with Asian volleyball. It’s too fast for us and with our lacks in defence we will have really big problem. Still, it’s not that I don’t believe in my national team. I really do and I would like them to get into the finals, since they’re not going to the Olympic Games. But the competition is strong and we didn’t manage to defeat Italy and Brazil while they were quite disorganised… That’s not the best forecast.

It will probably be most exciting to watch the games in pool E (Brazil). Apart from the hosts, national teams of Italy, USA and Germany will play there. I always like to watch teams like USA and Germany play. I don’t why, but the volleyball they play is something different.

I also count on Serbian women. They play at home, in Belgrad against Argentina, Cuba and Turkey. It’s also going to be thrilling to watch those matches. Cuba and Turkey are always hard to beat. But as Brankica told me last Sunday, the atmosphere will be on the Serbian side, definitely. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

There’s one more team I cheer for and right now, they’re not doing very well. They’re even lower ranked than Poland. It’s Japan. Without Saori Kimura, they managed to win only one game in the first round. Now they’re going to face Thailand (probably the toughest opponent), Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. They should totally win the round, but you what women’s volleyball is like…

And I’ve been always wondering: did you notice, that Asian teams very rarely play games in Europe while participating in such big events like WGP? It’s quite unfair, that a team like the U. S. or Brazil has to travel all around the world, while China and Korea are just travelling within their own continent.