On the second day of World Grand Prix tournament in Atlas Arena, Lodz I had the chance to interview a young and very promising Serbian player, Tijana Malesević, who’ll be playing in the Polish league for the next two seasons. It was after the game Serbia vs. Brazil, unfortunately lost by Serbians 2:3. But Tijana didn’t seem very upset.

Przeczytaj ten wywiad po polsku: [KLIK]

Your team started the game quite well, but what happened next?
Well, in some periods you play very good, in some not so good. When we served good and put the ball just over the net it all went ok. We had that once, but the other times we made too many mistakes in the service. We did poorly in the defense, so I think that was the main problem.

But in the fourth set you came back to the game.
Yes, we played good then. We were told, that we have to serve good, try some drop shots, but again, we didn’t do that and that was the problem.

You played five sets on the first day, and then five on the second. It must’ve been very tiring.
This is my job, you know. It’s tiring, but I’m used to it. We’re playing a lot of tournaments like qualifications for the Olympic Games, now Grand Prix and after this the Olympics. It’s nothing unusual.

World Grand Prix is a big event, you get to travel all over the world, see and meet the fans. I even noticed that here in Poland, there were some people with Serbian flags and scarfs who were cheering for you.
For sure Grand Prix is a really big competition. We participated in it last year when we came in third place. We have to play better and better in next games, for our fans and for us.

You have recently signed a two-year contract with Polish club PTPS Pila. You’re probably looking forward to coming to play in Poland.
Yeah! I’m so happy! I’ve played in Zurich for two years and now I’m coming to Poland. You people seem great and it will definitely be very exciting. It’s also great, because volleyball in Poland is so popular. So many players are coming here to play and I’m happy to be one of them.

You gave so many autographs to the Polish fans after the game. You were probably the one player of your team who stayed that long just to do it. I can assure you, that you’ll be giving even more autographs in the league season.
I respect all these people, who are coming to watch us. For me it’s like: they’re fans, but for them it’s an unique occasion.

Thank you very much, good luck and see you in the league!
Thank you!

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Come back tomorrow for an interview with another young Serbian player. Can you guess who is it?