Second interview with a Serbian player I did at the World Grand Prix round in Lodz, Poland. On the third day of the tournament Serbia won a game against Italy 3:0 and scored three points. After the match I interviewed the newest member of the Serbian national team, Brankica Mihajlović.

Przeczytaj ten wywiad po polsku: [KLIK!]

JN: You did very good as a team in this last match of the weekend. Also, you were the best scorer of your team. That must be very satisfying.
Brankica Mihajlović: Like you said, we played very good as a team and I’m very happy because of that. Previous games we also played ok, but we needed like a small difference to finish to game and win – unfortunately we lost both matches. But today we played all right, followed our tactics and in the end I’m also glad, because I played good, finally! (laughs) I’m still getting in shape. I hope we’ll continue playing like this.

Your team also played very good with the middle blockers, Milena Rasić was Serbia’s second best scorer today.
Yeah, it was part of the tactics: how to move in the block. We did a good job in this element.

And finally you didn’t play a five-set game.
Yes, we didn’t want to play five sets, because we were so tired! (laughs) Cause of that we tried to finish as soon as possible. Even in the third set, when it was a bit harder, we kept our concentration.

You joined the national team of Serbia quite recently…
Yes, one month ago, so I’m quite fresh. (laughs)

How do you feel about getting the green light?
Right now I’m getting to know everything better and better. In the beginning everything was so new and really hard, but my friends and coaches helped me a lot. Without them it would be even harder.

Looking back at this whole tournament in Lodz, what can you say about the shape of your team?
I think all can be better. We played two games in five sets, so like I said earlier: we needed just a small difference to finish the match and win. But then, there is still time, we have more than one month to play together before we go to London. We still need to fix something in the organization of our play, but we’ll have time for preparations in the Belgrad Grand Prix and then we go to Thailand.

Right, next weekend you’re playing in Belgrad, so you’ll be “home”.
Yes, we will play a home round, so it’s going to be helpful and the atmosphere will be good. Even in Poland it was also great, so thank you for that. There were some people shouting “Serbia” and all that, it was really wonderful.

Thank you very much for the interview and good luck in next games!
Thank you!