After the first game of the World Grand Prix tournament in Atlas Arena, Lodz, I did a short interview with the Italian wing spiker, Lucia Bosetti. Read below to see what she told me.

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JN: It was a difficult match for your team. It was hard not to notice, that both teams weren’t playing their best game.

Lucia Bosetti: Yes, I think that it was a very tough game, because we’ve only just begun playing in the World Grand Prix. We started the tournament playing against the very strong team of Brazil. However, I think that we did good. Brazil is a team that plays together for a very long time. We won in two sets, so it’s a reason to be quite happy. We made too many mistakes tough.

Do you think that was the reason of your defeat?

Yes, definitely. Especially in the third set we made so many mistakes and because of that we lost. There were times we tried to keep up with Brazil and even get a tie, but our bad game was very useful to Brazil.

You’re going to play against Brazil again next week and it will be even harder, because they will be at home and maybe some other great players (like Jaqueline or Sheilla) will play there. How will you manage to overcome that?

I personally like to play against Brazil, because it’s a strong team and that gives me chance to prove myself. It’s not decided yeat, which Brazilian players will participate in the tournament next week. Our team can also be changed somehow, so it’s hard to say what will be.

After World Grand Prix the Olympic Games begin. You’re going to London, so the WGP is a chance to work on some elements of the game.

That’s right. During the WGP we will work on every element of the game as well as on balancing them on the court. But I think that the biggest problem we have to solve is the fact of making so many mistakes. We have to analyze everything and try to eliminate this problem.

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