I went for the World Grand Prix press conference today in Atlas Arena, Lodz. I thought, that since it is such a big event, not the mention it’s 20th edition, there would be much more buzz about it. But instead, it was just like any other press conference. People come, say things everyone know about and then they go.

I was always against all those conferences. It’s just boring and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Face to face interviews: that’s when the fun begins. And about that. Today’s press conference with team captains and coaches made me realize something. Brazil and Italy team captains spoke in their mother languages (well, the Polish one also, but then, every journalist in the room was Polish), so I guess it could be difficult for me to make interviews with them after one of the games. I guess that some of the Italian players speak English, because they often play in interational clubs, so they have to communicate in some way. But the real problem is with Brazilians.

The team that came to Lodz is mostly a one composed with young players from the Brazilian Superleague. And they haven’t played anywhere in the world but their home country. Of course, they travel around the world, but they usually have their own translator or their coach translates for them, as it was today with Fernanda Rodrigues and Ze Roberto. And I have to do at least one interview with a Brazilian player. I’ve interviewed Luana Vanessa de Paula about a year ago, but I had a Brazilian translator then. Now I don’t, so I’m currently trying to find a player, that can speak English even just a little. Right now, Dani Lins and Mari are my best guesses.

At a times like this I have to say, that I love teams like Serbia or Croatia, because practically everyone in the team speaks English. It’s a shame, that Croatian team doesn’t participate in the WGP. When it comes to team’s spirit and individuality of the players, I like Croatia best.