I’ve discovered yesterday, quite accidentally, that Tarja Turunen has a new blog. Not that I’m a big fan of reading famous people’s blogs, but I find it interesting seeing how cd or dvd albums are made. And from the post that can be found on Tarja’s new blog it seems that it’ll be about her new DVD: Act 1.

Earlier she run a blog about her latest album, What Lies Beneath. I admit, I didn’t read it, I don’t have time for stuff like that, I was just coming and going to see if there are any pictures from the studio or samples of music. And after the album came out I didn’t read it at all.

I’m quite curious about this new DVD, to be honest. I’ve seen some live performances of Tarja’s, but this one seems to be somewhat different. As a fan of Nightwish, Tarja’s previous band, I was torn for a long time. I didn’t know how will both the guys from NW and Tarja contiunue their careers. Nightwish found a new vocalist and Tarja found some musicians to play with her. And after they released their first albums after break up, I knew that I won’t be listening to them as much as before.

It’s like songs written by Tuomas were perfect for a voice like Tarja’s. They went together perfectly. Now Nightwish is like any other power metal band with female vocalist and Tarja is doing something, no one exactly knows what. Don’t get me wrong, I bought these albums and the ones that came after, but I still listen to the old Nightwish albums more.

I just think that Nightwish lacks a vocalist with powerful, magical voice and Tarja lacks songs, that are very strong in writing. I guess that because of that I started being more devoted to Within Temptation now than before. And after the Nightwish break up I began my wide musical research, which included listening to electronic music, as well as ambient or modern jazz. But the search continues as I still “mourn” the fact of losing the original NW. It’s hard to find a musician that would fill this void.