I had long hair pretty much my entire life. Well, except childhood, when I wasn’t really deciding things like this for myself. But starting at the age of 12 I just let my hair grow, cutting it only for health every 6 months. And I always wore them in a ponytail, never really doing something different.

Of course there were times (like proms, weddings, friends’ birthdays and so on), when I let my hairdresser get crazy with my hair, but mostly I regretted it later. I never felt comfortable with any of the hairdos she made and sometimes it could even ruin my evening, because all I could think about was that I have like a ton of hair gel or other chemicals on my head as well as hundreds of hair fasteners and I was always scratching my head, feeling really bad and unnatural.

One time I tried my luck with dreadlocks. Well, faux dreadlocks. And it was a nightmare! Because of the shape of my face I looked like a young Bob Marley after a few nights of hard partying. And I wore that hairdo to my friend’s birthday as well as my uncle wedding. Total failure.

But it all came to an end last November, when I was so fed up with my hair and the fact that I really didn’t know what to do with them, that I cut them short. At first it was not very short, so I had like a lot of hair around my head and looked like my aunt (who is in her 50s right now). I never had that short hair, so I also felt kind of weird with it. They started growing really fast, so I cut them even shorter the second time. And after a month I cut them once again and again shorter than before.

I think it’s appropriate to say, that I became and addict with this cutting thing. Last time I went to hairdresser’s like three weeks ago (oh, did I mention, that I’ve finally changed the hairdresser?) and asked for a really short hair on the sides and a sort of a mohawk shape on the back, so I could do a fauxhawk.

You know, I was always afraid of the fact, that when one has short hair they have to spend a lot of time on making them look good. It’s true of course, but I didn’t expect I’ll be having so much fun styling them. I wasn’t even using a hair dryer before, not mentioning gels or other stuff. Now I am quite comfortable with applying cosmetics other than a shampoo and I think I look really good with short hair. After some experiments I found the hairdos I feel best about and it’s wonderful!

So the point is, that playing safe is not always the best thing to do. Like in my case it mostly meant keeping my hair long, wearing a ponytail, because it’s easy and quick. And cause of that I always looked the same. Now, with my hair short, I look different almost everyday and it’s cool =].