Ok, so after a few years of hesitation I’ve finally decided to go on a student’s exchange (within the Erasmus programme). I applied for Finland, Sweden, Slovenia and Latvia and to be honest I got into each one of them, but — which is obvious — I had to choose one, so I went for the first of the mentioned.

Why? Well, I was always very fond of Scandinavia, especially Finland, since many cool bands come from there (like Nightwish, Apocalyptica or Sonata Arctica) and it’s the land of lakes and I really love lakes =].

I could go to Tampere or Jyvaskyla and after doing some reading on the universities I chose Jyvaskyla (the opinions were better). Since then I’ve been doing a lot of research on the city and also checking how it looks like on Google Street View. I have to admit: it’s just great!

I discovered that Jyvaskyla is one of the best illuminated cities in the whole world. They even got an international award for their lighting. Just look for yourselves:

Since I’m leaving early in January I still have some time for the preparations which scares the hell out of me, to be honest. So much paper work lies ahead, I don’t really want to think about it. But I’ve already made contact with the officials at the JYU (short for University of Jyvaskyla) and I have to tell you: those are professionals! I mean, they reply fast (not like in Poland) and are able to solve almost all of your problems with just one e-mail.

I’m convinced, that these 5 months in Finland will definitely open my eyes to many things. Spending this time in a country better than my own in so many ways will probably be a precious experience. I’m a patriot and all, but I have to look for myself also and if there’s an opportunity like this, I just can’t miss it.