Eurovision 2012 was won by Loreen and I was quite happy for that outcome.

You know, I have been watching this show for many years now and very rarely my favourite performer wins. This time wasn’t different, to be exact, but Swedish musician was as close as she could be on my top list — she was second.

Let’s make something clear now: I don’t vote. Like: never. But I cheer and every year I pick at least one song, which I like. Too bad most of the times this song is in the second part of the final ranking. This year I was especially moved by the Icelandic representants: Greta Salome and Jonsi. They sung a very powerful song and I was listening to it long before the final aired. See for yourselves, if you haven’t earlier:

But still, Loreen’s song was also fine and I’m listening to it as well =]. And I have to admit that this year’s show had more good songs (which is unique considering that Eurovision is constantly being called the celebration of all things trashy). Italy, Denmark, Moldova, Serbia – those countries also had strong contestants (and Serbia came in 3rd place, so… you know).

What I don’t really understand is why Russia with it’s Grandmothers came in second place. Or maybe I do understand it: they send those women to mock Europe and Europe mocked itself by voting for them. Why, you ask? Simple: Russia proved that everyone “fears” them no matter what. Even if they send a performer like this, they still get high scores from all of the countries of former USSR as well as from European powers (Germany, France, Spain). So it’s like Russia showing the middle finger to everyone. And it’s a really old middle finger: